Real Motivation through Reel Entertainment

Out-of-box initiative have always been an inherit trait of Countrywide Network Pvt. Ltd., the leading incentive company in India. Walking the path of unique ideas, we have always introduced new products to enhance your business prosperity and also increase loyalty of your consumers. is a brand new approach to encourage business channel partnership, employee engagement or enhancing customer experience. It can transform a casual consumer to a lifelong loyal customer. is a movie tickets reward program, which provides instant gratification among your patrons, customers or employers because everyone loves watching movies with their dear ones and especially if it is free of cost!

Backed by a zealous and professional team, provides a systematic and interactive platform to obtain free movies rewards. The decade old familiarity and experience in Indian sales promotion arena, the team of CNPL has conceptualized as the definite way to boost up buying sentiment among customers while strengthening customer relationship.

Also, for business houses and corporate, motivating their team to outperform is crucial for business growth. is a perfect option, where you can gift movie tickets to your subordinates, employers, channel partners or vendors as a token of appreciation and recognition of their efforts. The personal touch in this reward program makes it also suitable as a perfect gifting for friends and family.

We believe customization add to the value of the offering and therefore have a gamut of tailor made solution to suit your special requirements and budget. With our strategic planning, best practices and hassle free processes, is set to smoothen your incentive program and develop a lasting relationship with your stakeholders because it’s more than just a movie ticket; it’s a way to show them that ‘You Care’.

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